Lumpy Skin Disease in Cattle in Cao Bang, Lang Son Province Nov 2020, in Viet Nam

- Cattle (bovine, buffalow, dairy cow)... 

-There is strong evidence that the virus is spread by biting insects (vectors) such as biting flies, mosquitoes, and male ticks. Direct transmission between animals is believed to occur but the relative importance of this method of spread compared to vector transmission is unknown.
- Animals can be infected experimentally by inoculation with material from cutaneous nodules or blood

Etiology and Epidemiology:
-The causal virus is related to that of sheeppox
-The nodules are well circumscribed, round, slightly raised, firm, and painful and involve the entire cutis and the mucosa of the GI, respiratory, and genital tracts. Nodules may develop on the muzzle and within the nasal and buccal mucous membranes.Nodular skin lesions (lumps) on the animal’s body, muzzle, nose, head, neck, back, legs, scrotum, perineum, udder, eyelids, tail and mouth
-Secondary infection sometimes occurs and causes extensive suppuration and sloughing; as a result, the animal may become extremely emaciated, and euthanasia may be warranted. In time, the nodules either regress, or necrosis of the skin results in hard, raised areas (“sit-fasts”) clearly separated from the surrounding skin. These areas slough to leave ulcers, which heal and scar.
- Fever (may exceed 41°C) and loss of appetite.
- The greatest loss is due to reduced milk yield, loss of condition, and rejection or reduced value of the hide
- Listlessness and reluctance to eat
- Ocular and nasal discharge

- Morbidity rate varies between 10 and 20% (other suggested 50 %)
- Mortality rates of 1 to 5% are considered usual.

Con bò của gia đình ông Lương Bế Tuân, xóm Khưa Thoang, xã Lý Quốc bị lở bệnh viên da nổi cục rất nặ Ly Quoc Commune, Cao Bang Province

Bộ Nông nghiệp và phát triển nông thôn: Đang xuất hiện bệnh viêm da nổi cục trên trâu, bò - Ảnh 1.

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